What should I cook tonight?

Daily dilemma, same old question.

MyFoodways gets to know what you love - and what you don’t - and offers you personalised recipe recommendations.


What can I make with what’s in my fridge?

You can search for a specific item or swap and switch the ingredients in one of your favourite recipes. All MyFoodways recipes are flexible and adapt what you have at home.


Is anything healthy and sustainable anymore?

One day something’s healthy and environmentally sound; the next, it’s a no-go. Food can get confusing pretty quickly. Our Good Food Guarantee helps you cut through the noise about nutrition.


How can I waste less food?

All our recipes come with tailored storage tips and recipe ideas that help you make the most of all your favourite products.


Reclaim your midweek meals.

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How to use MyFoodways

  1. Tell us how you like to eat.

  2. Choose from personalised suggestions or search for specific items.

  3. Customise your recipes based on what’s in the fridge.

  4. Save your recipes in digital cookbooks.

  5. Enjoy a simple, tasty, low-waste meal!


Let’s get cooking

Download the MyFoodways app to adapt the recipes to suit your tastes, substitute ingredients within a recipe, and amend portion and serving sizes.

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