About MyFoodways

Somehow, food got complicated. We’re drowning in information about the latest superfoods and trends. We’re saddened by social media streams that tell us everyone is eating better than we are. But even if we want to eat more seasonally, enjoy more plant-based meals or waste less food, it’s hard to know where to start.   

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy Good Food, every night of the week. We want recipes for real life - that reflect our loves and no-gos and work with what we’ve got in our cupboards. We want recipes that don’t only taste good, but do good too – both for us and the planet. That’s why we created MyFoodways.


Good Food made simple

All our recipes come with our Good Food promise, meaning that you can enjoy balanced and sustainable meals that are the best fit for your dietary style and personal preferences. Our flexible recipes make it easy to adapt all your favourites to the ingredients you’ve got at home. All this means less waste, less faff and more yum. 




Become a food ninja

A third of all food we buy ends up in the bin. Of course no one wants to waste – but small amounts of leftover products or unexpected plans sometimes make it a challenge to use our food effectively. MyFoodways makes it easy to find ways to use up any lonely leftovers in your fridge and helps you find out more about the items you buy regularly so you can make the most of the products you love.   



Recipes for real life

We think it’s great that there are so many amazing recipes out there. But on a Wednesday night, our brains are tired and we don’t have the energy to search for inspiration or experiment too much. Our recipes are simple, clear and adapt to you. So you can be confident that you’ll dish up something tasty every time.  


Meet the team

Everyone has their own unique Foodway – and we are certainly no exception! 


MyFoodways was created by

Foodways Consulting AG


Foodways Consulting is a young Swiss company, based in Bern. Founded in 2013 by Markus Hurschler and João Almeida, Foodways advises companies and organizations on food waste and sustainability. Our clients include the Federal Office for Agriculture, WWF, Manor and the sector organization, Proviande. MyFoodways is one of a series of digital tools designed to support consumers and sector professionals in moving closer to sustainable food systems. Foodways employs nine people in Bern and four via our newly founded sister company in sunny Lisbon. 



MyFoodways was only possible thanks to the generous support of our partner organisations.


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Where you’ll find us


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