So this weekend you went shopping and stocked up on a load of tasty, fresh produce. But now your carrots have gone rubbery, your salad is wilted and you're lacking inspiration for emergency dinners to use everything up...

We get it. Storage is not sexy. But getting it right can help you reduce food waste, cut back on trips to the shop and save yourself some cash. Check out the tips below and you'll be a food storage ninja in no time.


Store these products separately

Some fruit and vegetables - like bananas, tomatoes and apples - produce a gas called ethylene as they ripen.

Try to store these products separately from other fruit and vegetables, otherwise they will ripen more quickly.


These veggies don't like the cold

Some vegetables - like pumpkin, peppers, courgettes - are sensitive to cold and so actually keep better out of the fridge.

Tomatoes in particularly lose some of their flavour when refrigerated, so unless they're already very ripe, you can keep them in a cool, dry place in your kitchen.



Save some space in your fridge for these products

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, lettuce, radish, asparagus, spinach and Pak choi are all happiest in the fridge.

Pop them in a pierced plastic bag and store them in the vegetable compartment.


Some veggies don't like the light

Potatoes and onions are best stored in a dark, cool, dry place - but not in the fridge.


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