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Every week we introduce you to one of our recipe developers. This week it's the creative food blogger Atilla, the brains behind the "EATILLA" blog.  Her varied and smart recipes are a perfect fit with our Good Food principles and we're really happy to have her on board! So Atilla, over to you...

How would you define your personal "Foodway”?
Simple, balanced, fresh and tasty! The more I cook, the more I start enjoying working with just a few high quality, fresh ingredients. I love the challenge of keeping a dish simple and finding the best way to bring out its unique flavours! In short, less is definitely more!

Before moving to Lausanne in 2016, you lived in London for a year. Did this change of location also mean a change in your diet?
Yes! London is incredible when it comes to food, restaurants and markets. There's so much on offer and this definitely broadened my creativity and encouraged me to try out new dishes. I've also lived in France, Spain, Holland and Norway and each country has shaped the way that I cook. Cooking also helped me to better understand a country's culture and people. For me this is what food is essentially about: sharing. 

Cooking can be stressful for many people - especially when you have allergies or intolerances. What advice would you give to others who think they might need to change their diet?
I went through a stressful period and became intolerant to a lot of ingredients, including wheat and lactose. The only way to get out of this loop is to really start listening to your body and observe how it reacts to different types of food. Once you know which ingredients work best for you, you can start experimenting with different flavours and spices. For me, spices are the key to a colourful and enjoyable diet!

Do you any favourite ingredients that makes their way into most of your dishes? 
Ginger and cinnamon! Those are definitely my favourite spices. I love to put them in my porridge in the morning, use them to make a chai tea, apple and cinnamon pancakes. I've even added them to a pasta bolognese sauce and sweet potato fries! 

If you were on a camping trip with just a gas stove and had to rustle something up tasty, what would you cook? 
I'd see what herbs I could find. Usually there is always some nettle, mint, thyme or rosemary nearby. I love nettle omelette! Then, of course, a gas stove is perfect for one pan dishes, so I could also prepare a tasty soup with beans, potatoes and carrots. If there happened to be a campfire, I might also be tempted to grill some veggies to enjoy on the side... 

To find out more about Atilla, check out the EATILLA blog or follow her in the MyFoodways app. Don't have MyFoodways yet? Download it here

Laura Robinson