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Each week we introduce you to one of our recipe developers. The week we're getting to know Laura Pozzato. She's not only a food consultant and food educator, but she also campaigns against food waste and blogs on the topic of "good food" - so you can see why she's a perfect fit for MyFoodways! So Laura, over to you...

What does Good Food mean to you?
Aboriginal Australians refer to Good Food as “Mai Wiru”, where  “good” means true, simple, organic, local, seasonal, fresh and natural. Of course, Good Food should also be delicious - a balance between good nutrition and enjoying your daily meals. 

You live in Veneto - where do you tend to buy the ingredients you cook with? 
I usually buy my ingredients at farmers' markets or I visit individual farmers or small producers directly. Veneto still has a strong agricultural community. For me, it's very important to experience and really understand where my food comes from. And of course it's also about connection - food tastes better when you have a relationship with the person who grew it!

You have done quite an impressive career change: from banking to cooking and food-waste-fighting! Was is a slow process or did it suddenly click for you?
During my time at the bank, I collected lots of cookbooks and spent a lot of time learning everything I could about food. I finally decided to study at the “University of Gastronomic Sciences” and make cooking my professional focus. Today I work as a food consultant and a cook in a professional restaurant kitchen. I am very happy that I made this change!

What fascinates you most about cooking?
Preparing food is more than just a cooking show: it brings people together. Food creates stories and connections in the kitchen or at the table.

Are there any ingredients that you really can’t stand? 
I cannot stand coriander! Apparently some people are genetically more predisposed to be more sensitive to its soapy taste than others.

To find out more about Laura, check out the “AboutGoodFood”- Blog, follow her on or Instagram, Facebook oder Twitter or follow her in the MyFoodways app. Don't have MyFoodways yet? Download it here

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