What do we mean by Good Food?

We believe that food should not only taste good but do good too – for you and the planet! So we got our heads together with other food and sustainability experts to boil down all the evidence into four simple pointers that can help you enjoy more Good Food, every day. Our top recipe developers then used these to create delicious dishes that help everyone - regardless of dietary style, preferences and no-gos - to enjoy the best choices for them, even on a Monday night! 

1. Enjoy more plants 

Plant-based foods – from fruit and vegetables to legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts – offer more nutritional bang for your buck and generally have a lower environmental impact. There's plenty to choose from and the MyFoodways app will help you make the most of what this season has to offer. 

2. Eat animal products moderately and consciously 

Animal products tend to have a higher environmental impact but a lower consumption of particularly red and processed meat is associated with better health. If you eat meat, unprocessed or "Nose-to-Tail" cuts are great picks. If you enjoy fish, make sure you're choosing sustainable options. 

3. Eat less processed food

Processing has an environmental impact but can also remove some of a product's original nutritional value or lead to added fat, salt or sugar. That's why MyFoodways is all about making it easy to cook simple recipes from scratch - so you're in charge of what goes in your dinner. 

4. Enjoy plenty of variety

Variety is the spice of life - so enjoy different colours, tastes and preparations methods. It's not only tastier but also helps you to enjoy a varied and balanced diet, full of the freshest produce that season has to offer.